Villaz Dental   298 W North Ave 4 Villa Park,IL60181   (630) 530-9000
Villaz Dental
298 W North Ave 4
Villa ParkIL 60181
 (630) 530-9000

Reviews Of Villaz Dental

5.00 34 Reviews
Crystal Torres
Jan 23, 2018

Amazing staff!

Brenda Catano
Jan 05, 2018

gina stone
Nov 26, 2017

The staff is very friendly and warming. The office is clean and has a homey touch. They even have a section for kids to play (some video games, too)! The doctor is awesome along with the assisting staff. I had two wisdom teeth pulled in an hr! They did an amazing job! I did not know when they even pulled them! One wisdom tooth that was pulled was right on a nerve, one that I was told by other would be damaged forever if pulled... I have had no issues and the doctor gave me nothing but full reassurance. During the procedure the laughing gas did make me nauseous. Mid pull on last tooth I had to vomit and told the staff. The doctor got a back and staff fanned me down, even gave me a cold compress to cool me off! Not even my drinking buddies have done that when I've had a little too much! Afterwards, the front desk checked on me while I was waiting for a ride. Then the doctor came to check on me and make sure I had all my prescriptions, followed up on care. **I would refer this office, highly recommended.**

Migdalia Gallegos
Nov 16, 2017

Gina Marie
Nov 12, 2017

The office is so friendly and helpful. The girls are so sweet. The doctor and his assisting staff were awesome! I have high anxiety and needed my wisdom teeth extracted. I had laughing gas for the procedure. They do great monitoring and aid! I ended up having to throw up mid procedure. The staff caught it, fanned me and even wiped me down with a wet towel to cool me off. Went back at it and had 2 wisdom teeth in an hour! While waiting for my ride the staff checked on me. The doctor came back out to see how I was doing and make sure I had my prescriptions. Overall the pain is minimal and my jaw has been doing just fine 8 hours later! Best experience I have had (& for wisdom teeth of all)! Side note: office is super clean and tidy, so is the bathroom. They even have video games and a tiny play room for the kids!

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